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886 Bloor St West. 647-345-2453 info@ezriders.ca

Are you looking to beat the big city traffic blues and help the environment? We offer an alternative mode of transportation that will keep you moving along in style. Our e-Bikes are hybrid machines; It’s a bike that can be pedaled or run on an electric battery. When electric power is kicked in the bike can travel at speeds up to at least  32kms.  per hour. More efficient than a standard bike and not nearly as costly as a gas-powered scooter or motorcycle, yet they offer many of the same advantages Electric bikes are gaining speed in popularity, with lots of models to choose from.

We play matchmaker every day, helping customers figure out what they  need and helping them find the best fit.    We love seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they come back from their test ride. We are also committed to taking care of our customers long after their purchase. As one of the better e-Bike stores, not only in Toronto but also in Canada, we like to think we have  a great selection of e-Bikes to choose from.

Come on in and see if you agree. Be part of the evolution and get on an e-Bike! Go further! Go faster .  Just GO..


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